Putyourself.in It’s our self-initiated online event management and ticketing platform. Simply because we believe everyone in this city deserves to put yourself in your dreams. Have you been thinking about hosting your own concerts, shows, workshops, tours, classes…..or whatever events you have been dreaming of?

West Kowloon Cultural District Authority - Mobile M+: NEONSIGNS.HK, an online interactive exhibition celebrating Hong Kong’s neon signs, public is invited to upload their favourite neon sign photos via Instagram to build the Neon Map at neonsigns.hk. We designed the identity and all graphic matters. Website by pill & pillow.

New identity for Hong Kong first cosmetic brand since 1898.

Let's make our planet smile...again!

A peep from the print house, we just did a brochure design for Xiqu Centre, West Kowloon Cultural District

Website design for Plantation (plantation.hk).

My Life Story - A project we were touched by the stories behind the photos and the unconditional devotion from the team member of The Robert H. N. Ho Family Foundation. We felt lucky that we can involve in this meaningful project again.

Himalayan Plantation - Early Harvest Extra Virgin Olive Oil. A unique product from a Nepalese-German plantation started almost twenty years ago with the aim of introducing the olive culture to Nepal. With a small production of 1000-2000 bottles per year, it is the pure juice of the finest olives from the only olive plantation in the Himalayas.

Art direction for the new identity of Lee Gardens Office.

M+ Museum Brochure

Green B Project by Edmond and Wilson. By conducting farming workshops for kindergartens, we hope to increase the awareness between kids and nature, offer them to practice discipline of plant caring, channel in the concept of food saving and environmental protection at the same time, cultivate creativity.

Plantation, a new wonderland by the owner of teakha - Nana Chan. It is a social space dedicated to lovers of good conversation, interesting reads, the warmth of a tea cup in your hand or the sound of music floating though abandoned alleyways.

We designed the identity, printed matters, packaging and website. The "shan shui" style painting is drawn by real tea. We soaked the paper in different kinds of tea and allowed it to absorb the tea naturally. This experimental drawing method simulated the impressionistic treatment of Chinese landscape painting - The mountain contours disappearing into the mist.

Shop B, 1-4 Tai On Terrace, Sheung Wan, Hong Kong

We designed a website (wongtim.com) for a talented photographer Tim Wong. He started out working with advertising and film after having studied film making at the University of the Arts London. In the years after school he worked for Hong Kong film-maker Wong Kar Wai, Fruit Chan, and other HK art house movie directors. In 2008 he picked up photography professionally, and he hasn’t looked back since. Identity design by milkxhake.

M+ Matters, seminars and workshops organized by West Kowloon Cultural District Authority. 2 booklets were designed for this series of talks. Numerous renowned speakers were invited to explore critical issues in the fields of visual art, design, architecture and the moving image. Website design by pill & pillow - mplusmatters.hk

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If you are interested, please send your resume to info@gardens-co.com. Thanks.

Microwave International New Media Arts Festival 2012 website - ENIGMA. This is the 7th collaboration with the crews from milkxhake and Microwave. This project becomes our ritual to celebrate the end of year. Inspired by Alan Turing and his groundbreaking machine, we played with the concept of Encoding and Decoding. Every single text and image can be encoded and decoded by the viewers. Thanks for the hard work from Man and Jason, we introduced responsive design for this year. We optimized the viewing experience for different devices, from desktop monitors to mobile. More information will be updated soon. Please stay tuned. Identity design by milkxhake.

We developed the event concept and graphic for Sotheby's Hong Kong Autumn Auctions 2012. Partnered with Pokit, the architect/adventurer, to build this massive scale event. Thanks Keith, Jones (from Zealmens) and Dani to actualize our ideas. Fantastic team!

The opening ceremony & website for Hong Kong International Photo Festival 2012 were successfully launched. 400 pieces of sticker posters were specially produced to decorate the surrounding of the venue at The Hong Kong Cultural Centre. The slogans gradually emerged when participants tore the letters from the posters. Those letters quickly spread over the venue and became fashionable accessories for the guests.

We crafted the online sustainability report 2011 for one of the world's leading railways - MTR. "Transport as its best" is the theme. We built over 100 pages of stories, dialogue, interactive graphs and charts to communicate their efforts toward our society, economy and environment in 2011. Printed report is designed by CoDesign.

Daido Moriyama, an iconic contemporary photographer, was invited to give a seminar after the press conference. We explored the in-depth relations between Daido Moriyama and the history and culture of Japan.

Event identity for Hong Kong International Photo Festival 2012 - LIVE LIKE LOVE. From like to love, live in photography. More details at hkipf.org.hk

Imagine changemakers from every field and background – art, academia, business, design, engineering, IT, education, environment, science, creative practices, social entrepreneurs, advocates and inventors – coming together to work, collaborate and take action for a sustainable, innovative and equitable future.

"The Good Lab" is such a place – connecting different minds and actions to meet, enabling cross-sector creativity and imagination to flourish and realize good ideas.

In last Spring, we partnered with Good Lab team and Wang Weijen Architecture to design the identity, printed materials, interior, signage, super graphic and website.

There is one thing I fear in life, my friend… …
one day the black will swallow the red.

A happy collaboration with our good old friend Alonglongtime. We art directed the photography and designed the poster for "Red", a play about artist Mark Rothko, by John Logan.

Nana and Duck Duck Goose were featured in Mini Graphics 2 (Published by Sandu). One more exciting news, the website and moving image for Invention and Intervention (Microwave New Media Arts Festival) earned 2 Bronze awards in HKDA Global Design Awards 2011. This project is in partnership with our good friends milkxhake (Identity design) & nekogato (Coding and animation).

We just made a report for Point To Point. It is a complete archive of the events, stories and interviews in this 3 years.

Probably the last update in 2011 - Rebranding project for Yoshinoya Beijing. We created a set of new visual language for their in-store level. Starting from a new concept, the store is rejuvenated with a clearer positioning and the total experience is also uplifted. The new identity was extended through typeface, color scheme, copywriting, motif for wall graphic, art direction for thematic photos and interior design.

Wish you all have a great 2012! Happy New Year.

Another collabration with milkxhake - Counterpart Cities, a project held by Faculty of Architecture, the University of Hong Kong. This research aimed to address the vulnerability of the infrastructure to the effects of climate change in both Hong Kong and Shenzhen. Now it is exhibiting at 2011 Shenzhen & Hong Kong Bi -City Biennale of Urbanism / Architecture, starting from 2011 Dec 8 to 2012 Feb 18. Identity design by milkxhake. Web design by gardens&co.

Through collaboration within the community, using waste cooking oil collected from local restaurants, to recycle and produce soaps for general cleaning. The soap is biodegradable and do no harm to environment. A community project by Green Lamma.

Just Green, an organic convenience store, just moved to a new flagship store. We made a poster for her removal. More projects for Lamma Island, stay tuned!

New website design for Run Run Shaw Creative Media Centre Grand Opening Festival. Identity Design by Milkxhake. Architecture by Daniel Libeskind

Bugs Design Consultants - ipad and iphone friendly website.

The Big Ride - Book#1 Road Safety & Book#2 Art Bike. More to come!

The Big Ride - Summer art bike workshop at Tin Chak Shopping Centre on 18 & 19 August. Go with your bike and make you own art bike there!

Logos of bFelix, Duck Duck Goose, Gâteau de Lune, M Digest and Hong Kong Youth Donor Club are featured in new title of Victionary - Logology2. Thanks Victor!

Please join the opening of Invention and Intervention exhibition on coming Thursday 21/7. It showcases Hong Kong 5 new media artists. Identity design by Milkxhake and we made the event site.

Nana on Lovely Stationery

New identity for a printing company - The Press Work

Chop! Chop! Chop!

New project for Nana Chan, a self-styled epicurean. Stay Tuned!

Badges for The Big Ride

Branding and packaging design for Coffee Lovers Hong Kong

Art work for Miss Sixty - Seeing the Unseen