Miss Sixty - Seeing the Unseen

To celebrate the launch of the new flag ship store in Hong Kong, we were invited by Miss Sixty to contribute an artwork with the theme "Art in jeans". Trying not to use jeans or fabric as the medium of our work, we made an interactive installation to question about the myth of jeans.

The general perception of jean is advocating the personality and uniqueness of individual. A pair of jean can make you look fashionable and different. But when we step out from our closets, jeans are everywhere. From high society to nobody, everybody owns a pair of jeans. So jeans also are the death of individualism? Perhaps.

This machine tries to record the unseen moment between you and your jeans. We are curious about how are you being presented by your jeans not your face. I encourage the audience to write it's own opinion on the printout and let us know whether your jeans can truly depict your personality.

This project was featured in:
Hands On (Published by Victionary)